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About Me

I'm Josie, my passion is bargain hunting - I've done it all my life - not necessarily out of necessity, but sheer pleasure.

My husband, who's always a well dressed fella who likes to look his best, (even when he's down on his allotment plot), has boasted for years that all the clothes he stands up in at any one time usually amounts to about £12.00! That includes his shoes, or garden boots !

If I can't find it for the right price, I'll chllenge anyone anywhere to do so. Not only clothes, but everything that you can imagine, I buy second hand - always in the best condition and for the lowest price.  I've been known to travel over a hundred miles on a bus (I love bus rides too) to collect a 42" flat screen TV or a microwave or similar & carry it home on a shopping bag trolley! Anything bigger and it's the Berlingo Espace with hubby at the wheel. If you've seen Drew Prichard's Salvage Hunters TV programme, it'll give you an idea of what I do. But unlike Drew I'm the hunter and my husband looks after the tech stuff. Auction rooms are my second home, and if I get a house clearance I'm in my oils.

There's only SO much stuff you can hoarde, so my next best thing is selling my bargains on to others. In the current economic climate, people will always look to save money. Indeed, not only are they buying used goods they are also sharing products they already own. I always knew it was the future. Second hand antiques and collectibles have always been a respectable business, on the other hand, people have tended to look down their noses when it comes to Bric-à-brac, clothes and household goods. But not any more. Thanks to people like me, you can save money, learn to live thriftily and enjoy life to the full! Recycling, salvaging and making use of what others throw or giveaway for ridiculous prices is a way of life - live it and be proud - the ones who pay through their noses for over priced new stuff are the ones who should be ashamed in this throw away society that silly people have got used to living in, whilst ruining the planet they live on in the process.

"WASTE NOT - WANT NOT" - that's my motto! 



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